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The prints available on the website are always produced in archival quality, in accordance with museum standards [ISO 9706]. The durability of the images is ensured through the use of Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta photo paper and pigment-based ink.

Limited edition

Limited edition

The artworks available on the website are accessible as limited editions, meticulously created with great care, signed, and numbered in large format prints.

FineArt Baryta

The Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta photo paper represents the pinnacle of fine art photography. Compliant with ISO 9706, it delivers durable, high-detail reproductions. The combination of the Baryta layer and pigment ink enhances the richness of lights and shadows, preserving the emotional depth of the original artwork. Ideal for artists, collectors, and galleries alike, this paper ensures excellent quality and longevity.



I believe it's important not to solely define the value of the photos by their limitations. Therefore, all the images on the website are available in an open series at a size of 50 x 35 cm.

Fineart baryta

While the 50 x 35 prints are not limited, they are crafted with the same excellent quality as the limited editions.



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